Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Love to Crochet

Crocheting is something I really loved to do. It's really relaxing and helps me deal with the daily pain I go through day after day from living with lupus. I've tried teaching my daughter how to crochet, but she doesn't have the patience right now. I hope she will in the future. In my closet you'll find a big bag of yarn. Some of the yarn I've had for over 7 years even though I wasn't crocheting for a while. Since reading an article about crocheting helping with fibromyalgia pain I’ve started crocheting up a storm. I've created several projects with the yarn and even bought a few skeins including my first ball of cotton yarn, which I loved. I'd love to try different textures of yarn like the Alpaca yarn from Alpaca Fleece sometime. I love to feel the different yarn textures.


  1. Good advice for getting your fingers moving.

  2. I'd love to crochet, but I have such trouble keeping the stitches even. My mother crocheted beautifully and my mother-in-law is a whiz. That's a good idea to use a craft like that to loosen up the fingers.


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