Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Add a New Pepper to the Mix

I'm no stranger to enjoying a good steak with potatoes and a couple ears of sweet corn. I usually like my steak with a lot of black pepper, Worchester sauce, salt, and garlic.  I never heard of kampot pepper until now.  Kampot pepper is a different type pepper than we are used to in the United States. It is a hotter pepper than we are used to spicing our food.  It's a native pepper found in southern Cambodia near the water that comes in black, red, or white. The color of the pepper depends on how long the plant on when it's harvested from the fields.  Each color pepper goes better with a different kind of food.  Kampot Pepper is harvested by hand by farmers using tweezers. Each color of pepper is harvested differently.  They don't use the harsh pesticides often used in fields instead the crops are protected from bugs by using natural fertilizers. The peppers are considered to be one of the finest Asian spices, which will spice up any recipes your family enjoys while enjoying quality time around the kitchen table.  You can buy kampot pepper online. The peppers can be stored for up to three years so you don’t have to worry about them losing their strength. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Falling off a Budget Cliff

I have a confession I'm not a budget girl. I'm guilty of living life on the edge and sometimes falling off the cliff. I find budgets very stressful because I'm not the most organized person. After reading that  half of Americans don’t keep a budget I don’t feel so alone.  I've tried the budget thing, but it's very frustrating to me. Card Nanny is a monthly budget planner software that keeps track of your budget with its online budget software that's completely online.  Nanny Card isn't just budget management software. It keeps track of receipts and warranties, bill reminders, budgeting, and tracking your credit cards. 

The software is even easy useful for people like me that hates budgets and lives on the edge. If you are someone who likes setting goals for paying off your credit cards or save for something the software can help you reach your goals.

 Another option is using Lost Wallet Nanny to   store your credit card information so you can quickly notify your banks and credit card companies about stolen or lost items.  If you don't pay much attention to your email Card Nanny can be set up to send you reminders by text message so you don't miss another credit card date.

Coffee Pots and I don't get along

I've been totally annoyed lately every time I go to to work on something I'm being pulled in five different directions  I feel like their isn't enough hours or minute in a day. Like a coffee pot that decided to clog and I tried for three hours to fix it without any luck. I thought I had the junk fixed after scrapping coffee out of the waterline, but that wasn't helpful at all. I was stuck with a mess all over the counter since the junk decided to throw up. By the time I was done with the junk I was ready to throw it against the next wall. Now I'm stuck with go without coffee or buy another coffee pot that might  last six months again.  Some days I just feel like running away. Do you have days like that?

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Book Review: The Night Horses

The Night Horses is a children's book by Anaka Jones. In the story you'll find page after page of horses taking on many of the characteristics of humans. During the day the horses do what horses do. At night, they are partying at the stables and knocking over feed buckets to get a midnight snack.

The Night Horses is a children’s book parents should read to their children before going to bed. Children will be asking their parents to read the story every night. It’s a perfect way to introduce children to horses and feed their imagination.

 The book teaches children from birth to five years old about horse both real and imaginary. It's a must buy for children growing up in the country or rose around horses.  I can hear my own daughter at that age talking and talking about it since she loved horses at two years old.  

The Night Horses brings out the imagination of children while making them curious about what happens at the stable during the night.  Children can follow along with realistic pictures as the parent reads the story aloud.  

The Night Horses can be purchased on Amazon and liked on TheNight Horses Facebook page.  

A little about the Author- Anaka Jones was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where she lives with her parents, two older brothers, two dogs, a lizard and a frog.

Review product and/or monetary compensation was provided to me.  Opinions expressed above were all my own, and were not influenced in any way.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Are you a Struggling Mom Blogger?

Are you a  mommy blogger or website owner struggling to send traffic to your website or blog?   Then Linknami system may be the answer to your struggling site. They offer several ways to earn money, promote your content, and share it with others. It’s all about getting the people to your sites through socializing.

While promoting your site you'll be able to connect with other mom bloggers or website owners around the web. It will help you connect with other bloggers or website owners all interested in the same thing as you.  This will help grow both your businesses by visiting each other’s website or blog creating a lasting connection. Once you publish content on your site or blog it will be available on their list for people to view.  You’ll have the option of paying for additional advertising to reach more readers.

Then you can promote your website for free and add your social network accounts Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ without the hassles of going to all three to get word out to your readers.  Linkami lets you write blog posts to earn cash and you will receive your money without waiting for a withdrawal date.  The money you earn can be sent to Paypal account or used to advertise your content.  If you’re a struggling mom blogger or website owner it’s time to sign up.

Review product or monetary compensation was provided to me.  Opinions expressed above were all my own, and were not influenced in any way.